Top 5 Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Designs With Meanings
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There’s a lot of buzz in the industry and amongst the tattoo enthusiasts for Airbrush tattoos. Though the concept is trending nowadays, the phenomenon is not new. The best thing is that the airbrush tattoo designs and ideas are quite realistic as well as stylish. Most interestingly, these tattoos look permanent, but in reality, they are not. You can consider temporary airbrush tattoos as trial and error before having the real permanent one embedded into the skin’s epidermis.

This post will talk about some most popular and stunning airbrush temporary tattoos that you can get from our professional artists with precision and the highest quality of workmanship.

1. Infinity Airbrush Tattoo

Infinity tattoos are the symbol of never-ending as well as limitlessness. The design or the concept might seem to be very simple, but it is unique and captivating. The design has a very deep meaning inside. These tattoos can also be linked with other features like a bird, heart, feather, and many others. It suits both men and women well and looks good for the wrist or the back of the neck.

2. Day Glow Airbrush Tattoo

Dayglow is another popular form of airbrush tattoo. These tattoos are also known as fluorescent tattoos, and interestingly, they glow under UV blacklight. These tattoos are usually best for private prom parties, corporate events, and other marketing events where organizers focus more on brand marketing. These tattoos look great around the neck as well as on the hands.

3. Metallic Airbrush Tattoo

Metallic airbrush tattoos are made using metallic paints. They can be made in different colours like gold, copper, bronze, green, and a lot more. They look extremely trendy when a combination of different colors and shimmering powder are added to the mixture. These tattoos are very popular among young boys and girls, and the vibrant colour touch makes these tattoos very trendy. Arms and on the hands look great with these tattoos.

4. Couple Airbrush Tattoo

These tattoos have become extremely popular as they symbolize a lover for your partner. Couple tattoos are excellent in expressing your emotions and what you feel for your partner. These are great tattoos to surprise your loved one, and they do wonder to relationships.

Tattoos are the best form of expressing inner self, and when it comes to your loved one, nothing can do well than these couple tattoos. Both the partners can get these temporary airbrush tattoos to enjoy the accomplishment of each other, and if needed, they can also go for the permanent one. Best place to get it is on the chest as it is where you want to keep your love – in your heart.

5. Natural Black Airbrush Tattoo

Natural black or realistic airbrush tattoos are one of the most popular forms of artificial tattoos. They look extremely real and creates incredible imagery. These tattoos are made with the help of special black formulations that are used to create similar types of tattoos.

The best thing is that these tattoos go smoothly on the surface without causing much pain. They also create an impression of a real permanent tattoo that will stay for long on the body. The ideal placement for these tattoos would be around the chest area and on the arms.

Get in touch with us, and let’s make stunning airbrush temporary custom tattoos to fulfill your dream of having one. The options are innumerable, and we assure you of great results. All you need is to let’s know your requirements, and we will do the utmost justice with the results you want.



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