Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos have adorned the bodies of men and women worldwide for thousands of years. Be it a wedding or celebration of any particular event, henna or mehndi designs have been an integral part of people’s lives.

Professionally done henna tattoos or mehndi aesthetic spectacular. But the intricate designs that these designs involve need great skill sets and care to apply. It also needs hours of stillness to ensure that the designs are done with precision. In addition to everything, the cost of henna application is also substantial.

Henna Tattoo Alternatives – The New Age Body Art Alternative

At Tribal Ink, we want everyone to enjoy the magnificence of mehndi. And thus, we offer henna tattoo alternatives as an alternative to henna tattoos. Tribal Ink Airbrush tattoos offer a safe alternative to black henna. Our black henna tattoo alternatives are ideal for different events and parties; people can get it anywhere, anytime.

Unlike henna tattoos, Tribal ink’s mehndi alternative does not go into the epidermis but are topical and can be removed with isopropyl alcohol. This makes them one of the safest and easy-to-go body art options, especially an alternative to conventional henna or mehndi for guests during events.

Our pharmaceutical-grade inks are skin safe; anyone can get these henna alternatives. Our black henna tattoo alternative comes with hypoallergenic, instant drying, water-resistant and full-colour features. From a branding perspective, Tribal Ink’s henna alternatives are superior in providing a full-colour process and are able to design tattoo stencils to match your brand.

Black henna tattoo alternatives offered by Tribal Ink last for two days and are washable with soap. These designs are suitable for adults as well as children, so the whole family can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Let’s discover new ways to embrace your skin with a friendly and advanced alternative to mehndi or henna tattoos with Tribal Ink. Get in touch with us, elaborate on the event, and we will make it a grand success with our innovative mehndi alternatives.

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